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Are you interested in owning one of my current fanlistings? This is the Keep in Mind List. If the time comes where I may want to adopt the fanlisting out, the names listed here will be emailed notice. I'll post it on the TAFL or TFL boards as well.

To be on the list, email me the following with something like "KIM List Add Request" in the subject.
Main URL:
Which Fanlistings:

The List

Do As Infinity: Jennifer, Mayumi, Shukaku, Nell*

Black Mages: Emcy*

C.C.: Jessica, Kula, Miriallia, Nekoi, Samantha

Eevee: Aelyn, Chibichan,Courtney, Espo, Haruko, Jessica, Kula, Louise*

Hyori Lee: Hyony

Ghost in the Shell SAC: Jordan*

Mecha: Jessica, Kula, Shukaku

Music of Gundam Wing: Shukaku

Ragnarok Online: Akira, Jennifer, Jessica, Kula, Raine

Sakuya Kira: Kula

White Mages: Kula

YUI: Jennifer, Mizuiro,

* = previous owner/first dibs