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    → Adoption Guidelines

When I feel that I should pass a fanlisting subject on to a bigger fan, or that I'm too busy to properly maintain it, I will post the fanlisting up for adoption. Here are some guidelines before you apply to adopt a fanlisting of mine.

  1. You may keep the current layout and codes. If you keep them, credit me.
  2. Please link back to me on the front page as the previous owner.
  3. From the date I approve you, you have one month to get the fanlisting online.
  4. I will send you the members database in Enth3 form. If you use a different FL management script, I'll extend the deadline for you to convert it.
  5. * = Special ones that I will be selective on and reserve the right to keep them before deciding adoption.

To apply for a fanlisting here, email me the following information.

Main URL:
Which FL:
Reasons Why You Want It: (Write as much or as little as you want)

Closed/Moved Listings

Old member lists and/or codes are available for the following: