The Video Game

Title: Final Fantasy XIII
Develop/Publisher: Square-Enix
Platform: Console
Systems: Playstation3, Xbox 360
Release Date (JP): December 17, 2009
Release Date (NA/EU): March 9, 2010
Genre: Role-playing game
Players: Single Player
Discs: 1 Blu-ray (PS3), 3 DVD (Xbox)


Final Fantasy XIII is set in a futuristic environment that weaves together elements of technology and magic. There are two main worlds - Cocoon, a floating moon housing millions of humans in a hi-tech paradise, and Gran Pulse, the planet over which Cocoon floats, a lush wilderness filled with beautiful scenery and dangerous animals.

Over a series of events, various people in Cocoon are marked by fal'cie, the powerful deities of the worlds, and given an obscure mission to fulfill. These people become l'cie, fighters who are both chosen and cursed. These people include Lightning, a mysterious soldier, Snow, a hot-blooded vigilante, Sazh, a civilian pilot and father, Hope, a young boy caught in the crossfire, Vanille, a perky girl who knows more than she tells, and Fang, an amnesiac with a straight-forward attitude.

Our heroes will journey both apart and together to discover the meaning behind their l'cie mission, save their loved ones, and uncover the truth behind the two worlds.